some little programs


screenshot of This perl script is a little hack I started to convince my poor colleagues to use GNU screen.
It shows a selectable list of all screen sessions on the computer. Sessions can be filtered with regular expressions.
This script is useful if many users share the same account, or if one user has many screen sessions.

Download selectscreen


A Perl script to Show information about hard disks under GNU/Linux. Needs a fairly recent version of udev. Only shows SCSI disk devices.

Note: This was done before lsblk arrived.

sample output

---- /dev/sda ----
subsystems  /pci/scsi/block
drivers     sd, ahci
size        244.20 GB (232.89 GiB)
vendor      ATA     
model       SAMSUNG SP2504C  / revision VT10

---- /dev/sdb ----
subsystems  /pci/scsi/block
drivers     sd, ahci
size        1465.14 GB (1397.27 GiB)
vendor      ATA     
model       SAMSUNG HD154UI  / revision 1AG0

---- /dev/sdc ----
subsystems  /pci/scsi/block
drivers     sd, sata_promise
size        488.39 GB (465.76 GiB)
vendor      ATA     
model       SAMSUNG HD501LJ  / revision CR10
hdinfo | egrep 'size | vendor|model' | sort | uniq -c | sort -gr for an overview of all hard disks.

Download hdinfo


A script to automatically send the Dilbert comic of the day via email.
Also useful if you want to know how to send inline images with MIME from a shell script.

Download Dilbert