A drop-in shell configuration for Unix

The default environment on most GNU/Linux and UNIX distributions drives me insane. The tgz below contains a complete shell and vim configuration that can just be thrown on every server with one command. It was written to quickly make servers at work inhabitable without forcing a config on other people.

The complete configuration lives wherever you choose to extract it, e.g. in /usr/local/etc/mscripts/, and is activated by starting a new shell or via ~/.bashrc, so no colleague will be disturbed by the sudden appearance of colors or the lack of beeps accompaning his shell completion attempts. It should work on every GNU/Linux distribution, but may also work on other Unixes where the GNU coreutils, bash and vim are installed. Once upon a time it also worked under Solaris. but I don't have access to a Solaris box anymore. So I now let the bashisms and GNUisms roam freely.

Why would you want to use it?

Installation and usage

go to / and extract the tgz file. The scripts can also be installed remotely with
wget -q -O- https://apfelboymchen.net/config | tar xvz -C /path/to/dir/

To use the scripts type exec bash --rcfile=/path/to/bashrc

You could also put . /path/to/bashrc
into your ~/.bashrc.

Read the README. The description is a little bit poor right now. If this page is actually found I will write more stuff up.


config.tgz You could also browse the individual files.

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