This is a simple program to change the background periodically.

It takes one or more directories with images as a parameter (no GUI) and sets a randomly chosen image as background. If there is a border remaining, its color is the average color of two corners of the image. This mostly fits the image very well. See the man page for a complete list of features.

zufall is targeted at the ever dwindling group of users who roll their own desktop environment by combining a window manager like sawfish, ratpoison, i3 or Fluxbox with other programs (docks, terminals, file managers etc). It does not work if the X root window is hidden by another program that does not pick up changes to the root-window. This is the case in all modern „normal“ desktop environments.

I wrote zufall because chbg, the program I used before, was the only GTK1-dependency left on my desktop. Also, I really disliked the background-colors chbg's "random-background"-feature gave me most of the time. Maybe it's useful to you.


zufall was mentioned in the Linux User magazine. The article is available in german (html) and english (pdf).


source: zufall-0.3-beta-than-nothing.tar.gz
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Licensed under the GNU GPL of course.

The latest version was released March 2017.