some little programs


my replacement for chbg
nichtsagender screenshot eines leeren workspaces looks at the colors on the corners of the image and sets a fitting background-color

cheap, but often useful

a stand-alone GTK color-selector

ein GtkColorSelectionDialog gcolor.c
compile it with
gcc gcolor.c -o gcolor `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0`


gtk-rrcfg.c - let all gtk-programs re-read the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 - file


A hacked version of wmbluecpu, with additional bars for nice und system. Oh, and with bearable colors. Well, IMHO.
wmbluecpu applet screenshot wmbluecpu-0.4-nice.tar.bz2
Note this is quite old and doesn't work with multiple CPUs.


screenshot of schwabbel schwabbel.tgz

some remains of my trying to learn C

example for programming static and shared libraries


quicksort with colors (german comments)

quicksort in action quicksort.c

hello threads

A "hello world" where every character is printed by a thread. Semaphores are used to synchronize the threads.
screenshot of hellothreads download it now (you can't live without it) or look at the pretty colored source.

formido patches

Some patches for the great game Formido. And look at my highcsore ;-)

I sent this patches upstream but got no answer, so I provide them here. See the README for more information.

Process infos – nice, scheduler and real-time priority

I needed this to check after jackd and hydrogen. Then I found chrt ;-)
nice value      : 0
scheduler       : SCHED_FIFO (1)
priority        : 5